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Laser Range

4 usd

Shooting range at home - it's easy!Video:
Why do you need it:
- For professional skills "dry fire" training - For entertainment on a party
You will need:
1. This application2. A target printed on a sheet of paper3. Any gun with a laser trainer. You can purchase it in the Internet (LaserLyte, Laser Ammo, SIRT etc) or make it yourself.4. A smartphone or a tablet with a camera.
How does it work:
A smartphone (a tablet) is placed opposite the paper target at a distance of 1 - 5m.The target on the screen is aligned with the actual target on the wall.During the shooting the application detects the laser marker on a virtual target and records shots.
-Set up the gameplay: the accuracy or the reaction, the number of shots in the drill, drill time, time to prepare.- Set a target diameter, the minimum and maximum number of scores, the diameter of “a bulls'eye”, the diameter of the shots (caliber).- Set the camera resolution, zoom.- Using the flash (backlight target, when firing, at the end of the round).- Adjusting the sound (the sound of the shot, the completion of a drill, the uttering aloud result)- Statistics of a drill: result on points, table of shots, hitting the POI (point of impact) (horizontally and vertically deviation, the maximum diameter).- The preservation of the target photos- The opportunity to share the results (facebook, twitter, e-mail, etc.)
-For reliable recognition of shots in the camera’s field of view should not be reflective surfaces (mirrors, polished surfaces, etc.).- In order to recognize a target its circuit should be clearly visible on a screen. This may require the additional lighting - use the "flashlight" mode
- The application operates using library OpenCV Manager. If it is not available on your smartphone (tablet), when you first start you will be prompted to install it.- On slow devices can not get enough speed data read from the camera (FPS). For reliable recognition of shots FPS must be more than twenty (displayed in the lower right corner).- If you do not like the app, or your device does not provide sufficient recognition rate, you can get your money back in two hours, according to the policy of Google.
Have a nice shooting!